Friday, July 27, 2012

Riding Down Mercy Street

I had my first ride-along with a local metropolitan Domestic Animal Control Commission officer this week.  “The pound?” you ask.  More like men and women who are “charged with the responsibility of rescuing thousands of lost and homeless animals and animals suffering from cruelty, neglect and indifference.”

Angels of mercy.

I don’t have to tell the other animal lovers out there why the thought of animal cruelty sickens me to the point of obsession.  To the point of vigilante watchfulness.  So I was NOT looking forward to this ride-along.  But I had to do it.

I pictured seizing dog-fighting pit-bulls from gang-bangers, picking up starved and beaten animals…and God only knows what else. 

God must have been watching out for ME that day because there were no calls like that—at least not while I was there.  But let me be clear—there ARE calls like that and worse.  As I listened to some of Officer Robin's stories (censored no doubt for my sake),  I found myself once again asking, "What is wrong with people?!"  

inspirational photograph of rainbow after the storm

I asked Officer Robin why and how she continues to do that job.  She simply said, “because I love animals.”  

I said a silent prayer for her as we were riding…and Jesus was there.  I believe He’s always there with her.  Who else could help her keep doing something so important?  

I may continue to do occasional ride-alongs with Animal Control.  It will be hard to deal with what I might see, but they are doing God’s work… and that I can deal with. 

Thank you God for people who care enough about anything to put their lives on the line.  Help us all to be better caretakers of the creatures you have entrusted to us.

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